Thursday Things: What Do You Wish You Could Do?

Welcome to Thursday Things, where you might find a rant, a rave, a question, or just about anything else! Let’s scrounge around in the junk drawer of my brain and see what we can find!

What do you wish you could do? And I’m not talking about flying, turning back time, or becoming invisbile. (Undoubtedly, these would be handy, but I think we’ll save those for another post.) I mean, what do you wish you could do that you haven’t had the time or the talent to develop?

I tend to be a collector of hobbies, and I’m often frustrated that I just can’t squeeze them in all the time. I love to read and write (obviously), but I also love to sew, hike, paint, take classes, watch movies, and cross stitch. I think there are even a few more of those that I can’t think of off the top of my head. Throw in a job, a house, kids, and pets, and I have more than enough to keep me occupied.

But then I think about how I’d love to be able to play guitar. Or open an antique store. Or travel more. Or spend time volunteering with the animal shelter. Actually, I’d like to volunteer with the historical society, too. The list goes on and on.

So what do you wish you could do? Let me know in the comments!

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Ashley O’Melia is an independent author and freelancer from Southern Illinois.  She holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University.  Her books include The Wanderer’s Guide to Dragon Keepingand The Graveside DetectiveHer short stories have been published in The Penmen Review, Siren’s Call, and Subcutaneous.  Ashley’s freelance work has spanned numerous genres for clients around the world.  You can find her on Facebook and Amazon.

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4 responses to “Thursday Things: What Do You Wish You Could Do?

  1. Learning to master a music instrument ranks high for me, too. But so does writing a fiction book and learning all I can about filmmaking, with the idea of making a film one day. Oh, and starting a business maybe…? And many more things!

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