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Is My Child Too Charitable?

About three months ago I cut my hair off and donated it for the second time. What seemed like a relatively small event in my life has now turned into several blog posts and a rather difficult conundrum. The first time I donated, my eldest daughter was only three years old. I’m sure she said something along the lines of, “Mommy, where did all your hair go?” But that was about it.
Now she is seven, so I explained to her that I was giving the hair to someone who was too sick to have their own hair. She had done the St. Jude’s Math-a-Thon recently, and had learned that her little sister had been born with a cancerous tumor. I guess all of that made it hit home for her, even though her sister didn’t lose her hair, because now she tells me she wants to donate her hair.
My first reaction was to be extremely proud. This is the same kid that couldn’t stand to give her old toys away because she would miss them too much. I think it is sweet and wonderful that she wants to do something like this.
But is this a decision that a seven-year-old is actually capable of making? She has beautiful light brown hair down to her waist, and chopping it off would be a significant change for her. I’m afraid she would regret her decision. She has told me several times that she would like to do this, but I am still very much on the fence about it.



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