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A Special Child – Prologue

A sparkle floated through the air, riding the currents of the wind.  Its path might have been as random as that of dandelion fluff, or perhaps not.  It floated over rivers and lakes, past valleys and mountains, and slowly, slowly, began to descend.

The sparkle may have been a fleck of shiny paint, or glitter from a child’s grand masterpiece.  Or it may have been leftover magic from a wizard’s enchantment, cast to bring his withering garden back to life.

The breeze stalled, sending the sparkle down between the trees and the bushes, over the grass and the flowers.  Gently, gently, it pushed the sparkle in through the open window where it settled comfortably in the cake batter.


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Top Ten Odd and Random Facts About Me

So you know a little bit about me.  You know that I am a writer, but what else?  I’m no David Letterman, but here’s my top ten:


10.  I love Halloween, but scary movies give me nightmares. 


9.  One of my ancestors served under General John A Logan.


8.  I’m allergic to peanuts. (No Reese’s cups for me.)


7.  A horse may have saved my life once.


6.  I love to watch the stars come out.


5.  My favorite movie is The Phantom of the Opera.  (This is one of the few Gerard Butler movies I actually enjoy.)


4.  My phobias include water and people.  (Oh, to have the life of an inland hermit!)


3.  My favorite animal is a dragon.  (Since Seth says I can’t have one, I have cats instead.)


2.  My boyfriend is the sweetest, most awesomest guy ever.  (Even though he won’t let me have a dragon.)


1.  I caught a hummingbird out of midair and held it in my hand.

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Garden’s End

When the vines have given up their last

Fruits of earth are memories past

Brown and brittle are stem and leaf

Their green long stolen by autumn’s thief

When twig and weed are all that remain

To show the end of summer’s reign

A frost the sun can no longer defend

And this is surely garden’s end.


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