Top Ten Odd and Random Facts About Me

So you know a little bit about me.  You know that I am a writer, but what else?  I’m no David Letterman, but here’s my top ten:


10.  I love Halloween, but scary movies give me nightmares. 


9.  One of my ancestors served under General John A Logan.


8.  I’m allergic to peanuts. (No Reese’s cups for me.)


7.  A horse may have saved my life once.


6.  I love to watch the stars come out.


5.  My favorite movie is The Phantom of the Opera.  (This is one of the few Gerard Butler movies I actually enjoy.)


4.  My phobias include water and people.  (Oh, to have the life of an inland hermit!)


3.  My favorite animal is a dragon.  (Since Seth says I can’t have one, I have cats instead.)


2.  My boyfriend is the sweetest, most awesomest guy ever.  (Even though he won’t let me have a dragon.)


1.  I caught a hummingbird out of midair and held it in my hand.


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