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The Lunch Break

This stolen snippet of time


for anything worth pondering

other than worries


a dwindling checkbook

and a few bad poems.


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On Sale this Month!

My Heart in my Hand:  A Collection of Poetry is on sale this month for $.99.  It’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.  Please help me share the good news!


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4 a.m.

The last few hours
of the night
press close
making sure
the nightwork is done.
The spinning
of every web,
the shining
of every star,
one last haunt
for every spirit.

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Garden’s End

When the vines have given up their last

Fruits of earth are memories past

Brown and brittle are stem and leaf

Their green long stolen by autumn’s thief

When twig and weed are all that remain

To show the end of summer’s reign

A frost the sun can no longer defend

And this is surely garden’s end.


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