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Game Review: Exploding Kittens

The title sounds terrible, but this game is fast and fun!  Even if you don’t think you like card games, you’ll probably end up liking this one!

IMG_0411 (2)

Note that there are two version of this game.  One is safe for families, which is what we bought since we have kids, and the other is NSFW.  There’s also an expansion pack called Imploding Kittens.

Objective:  Don’t find an Exploding Kitten unless you have a card to defuse it.  The last person who doesn’t get blown up wins!


Ease of Play:  Very.  There are only so many moves you can make, and you can even refuse to play a card if you want.  The most difficult thing about this game is that you draw a card to end your turn instead of drawing at the beginning.  Some cards will force the other players to draw two cards (increasing their chances of drawing an Exploding Kitten) or allow you to skip your own turn.

IMG_0409 (2)

Fun:  Quite!  It’s a simple game, but we were squealing when we thought we might get an Exploding Kitten!  The artwork and humor on the cards only adds to the game.

IMG_0410 (2)

Rating and Recommendation:  If you like a simple game with a little bit of suspense that allows you to sabotage your friends, and if you like hilarious cat humor, then this is the game for you!  5 out of 5 stars.

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