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The Lunch Break

This stolen snippet of time


for anything worth pondering

other than worries


a dwindling checkbook

and a few bad poems.


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Our Life is a Circus…

2014-02-05 22.39.58

….and Porkchop is our dog-face boy.


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Strangers at the Drive Thru

A couple weeks ago I went through the Taco Bell drive thru. I pulled forward to the window (as instructed). The guy opened said window, gave me my total, and then said, “Oh, hey! How are you?”
Um.  I guess this is the part where my lying/customer service skills come in, because with very little hesitation I replied, “Oh, I’m great! How about you?”
He tried to make further small talk, but fortunately the food was ready because I do not for the life of me know who this guy was. I’d love to think that he recognized me because, as my daughter puts it, I’m a ‘famous writer’, but I have a suspicion it wasn’t.
Fast forward a couple weeks to today, when I went through McDonald’s for a soda. Quoting the Taco Bell guy, I said, “Oh, hey! How are you?” to the girl at the window.
Here’s where there’s a twist.  She told me that I looked familiar but she couldn’t quite place me, and could I tell her how we know each other?
Why couldn’t I have said that at Taco Bell? I could have solved the mystery right then and there! I am still wondering how that guy knows me, or if maybe he was mistaking me for someone else, but since I’m spineless I never will. Oh, sure I could go back through that same Taco Bell a few times and hope to see him again, but again since I’m spineless (and because it seems creepy) that will probably never happen.


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Athena’s Dream is open!

Hey everyone!  Please drop by my Etsy shop, Athena’s Dream.  While I’m a writer first and foremost, I need lots of outlets for my creative energy!  There are a few items right now but there will be more coming soon.  Thanks in advance!

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The Lost Romance of the Library

I have loved going to the library ever since I was a little kid.  I remember the public library where we lived when I was in grade school had a huge kids section (or at least it seemed huge to me at the time), and I felt like I could spend forever there.

One of the things I always thought was super cool about library books was that you could look on the inside of the cover and see all the date stamps for each time it had been checked out.  This told me how many times the book had been checked out before (and the thrill if I was the first one!), and how long it had been in the library.  It gave me more of a connection with the book, and somehow, a connection with everyone else who had read it.

Now the libraries have gone digital.  They scan your library card just like it’s a Kroger card, shoot a laser at the books you want to take home, and that’s it.  That’s.  It.  No satisfying thump as the book is stamped, just a dismal barcode stuck to the inside of the book along with a friendly message about how not returning a library book is theft.

A little bit of romance stolen by the digital age.  Sigh.  Now go buy my ebooks. 🙂


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Jury Duty…Or Lack Thereof

On my second week of being on call for jury duty, I was slightly less nervous than the first go round.  The biggest plus is that I knew I would get home far earlier than I do from work, so my kids would be thrilled.  But I just didn’t want to do it.  Why?  Well, for me the biggest thing would probably be that I worry too much about things, and the idea makes me a nervous wreck.  But what about most people?

I had a conversation with a friend, who stated that she wouldn’t feel comfortable sending someone to jail even if she was fairly certain that person was guilty.  Who was she to judge?  Valid point.

But just like everything else, there’s a flipside:  What if the accused had done something terrible to me or to my loved one?  Wouldn’t I want a jury of my peers to spend their time listening to witnesses, examining evidence, and determining the truth?  Doesn’t someone deserve the same courtesy from me when they are the victim?

This really left me wondering where our send of duty is.  I mean, after all, it’s called jury duty.  Not jury onlyifyoureallyfeellikeit. 

Have you been called for jury duty before?  I’d love to hear about it!


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It’s Read an Ebook Week!

This means you can get all my books for free on Smashwords this week!  Just click on the badge below!


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