Contact and Submissions

Guest Posts:  If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for this blog, please follow these guidelines:

-This is primarily a blog about writing, so the content needs to be related in some way.  I accept articles about the process and experience of writing, book reviews, short fiction, and poetry.  If you’re not sure that your piece would be a good fit, feel free to ask me before you write it.

-Include a third-person bio (50-100 words) and a photograph of yourself.  Feel free to send other photos (book covers, etc.) if you would like.  Also include links to your website/social media/books, but please have them as hyperlinks, like this.

-Please, for the love of tacos, proofread your piece.  I understand that we all have typos here and there, but I won’t sit down for an hour to polish your work for you.

-You may paste your piece directly into an email or send it to me in .doc format.  Add photos as separate attachments, please.

-Word count is not a breaking point for me.  500-1,000 words seems to be about right, but I’m flexible.

-Don’t use tabs or a lot of extra spacing, as it makes it more difficult for me to format later.

-Due to scheduling, it may take several weeks before your post shows up.  I will contact you with the date it is scheduled for.

-I retain no rights to your work, and you will not receive any monetary compensation.

-You can use the contact form below or email me at

Book Reviews:  

*Please note book reviews are currently closed, but check back!*

I love to do book reviews!  If you’re interested in having your book reviewed here, please feel free to send it to me in either .epub or .pdf form.  I often run a little behind on them, so it may be several months before your review is available.  I’ll email you when it goes live.  I don’t necessarily accept all books that are sent to me, but I will let you know if yours gets put on the list.

You can send your information via the contact form below or email me at

Fiction/Poetry:  If you’d like to have your short fiction or poetry featured here:

-Please either send it in .doc form or paste it directly into an email.

-Include a third-person bio (50-100 words), a photograph, and any links you would like included.  Please have them as hyperlinks instead of long web addresses.

-Note that I will not accept all work.  If I feel that the content may be too heavy for some audiences, I reserve the right to put a warning at the top of the post.

-I will have no rights to your work whatsoever, nor will you receive any monetary compensation.

-Use the form below or email me at


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    I have the link right here. Please and thank you.

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