Contact and Submissions

Guest Posts:  If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for this blog, please follow these guidelines:

-This is primarily a blog about writing, so the content needs to be related in some way.  I accept articles about the process and experience of writing, book reviews, short fiction, and poetry.  New age and tarot posts are also in my wheelhouse.  If you’re not sure that your piece would be a good fit, feel free to ask me before you write it.

-Include a third-person bio (50-100 words) and a photograph of yourself.  Feel free to send other photos (book covers, etc.) if you would like.  Also include links to your website/social media/books, but please have them as hyperlinks, like this. (If you aren’t comfortable with using a photo of yourself or if you’re trying to maintain a gender neutral identity, just let me know and I’ll find something else to use!)

-Please, for the love of tacos, proofread your piece.  I understand that we all have typos here and there, but I won’t sit down for an hour to polish your work for you.

-You may paste your piece directly into an email or send it to me in .doc format.  Add photos as separate attachments, please.

-Word count is not a breaking point for me.  500-1,000 words seems to be about right, but I’m flexible.

-Don’t use tabs or a lot of extra spacing, as it makes it more difficult for me to format later.

-Due to scheduling, it may take several weeks before your post shows up.  I will contact you with the date it is scheduled for.

-I retain no rights to your work, and you will not receive any monetary compensation.

-You can use the contact form below or email me at

Book Reviews:  

*Please note book reviews are currently closed, but check back!*

I love to do book reviews!  If you’re interested in having your book reviewed here, please feel free to send it to me in either .epub or .pdf form.  I often run a little behind on them, so it may be several months before your review is available.  I’ll email you when it goes live.  I don’t necessarily accept all books that are sent to me, but I will let you know if yours gets put on the list.

You can send your information via the contact form below or email me at

Fiction/Poetry:  If you’d like to have your short fiction or poetry featured here:

-Please either send it in .doc form or paste it directly into an email.

-Include a third-person bio (50-100 words), a photograph, and any links you would like included.  Please have them as hyperlinks instead of long web addresses.

-Note that I will not accept all work.  If I feel that the content may be too heavy for some audiences, I reserve the right to put a warning at the top of the post.

-I will have no rights to your work whatsoever, nor will you receive any monetary compensation.

-Use the form below or email me at


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