A Small Sneak Peek

I just had the most awesome time in a cemetery!  I know that sounds very strange to most of you, so let me explain.  I have been preparing to release my latest book, Life, Death and Frank.  Like any other book, it needed a cover.  Since this is, in essence, a mystery story revolving around a ghost, much of the book takes place in a cemetery, so that seemed the only logical setting for a cover photo.

I grabbed my cover designer (Sydney, of Artistic Photography by Sydney) and headed to the cemetery near my house.  We got the right shot for the cover pretty quickly, but we didn’t turn around and head back to the car after that.  The particular graveyard we went to has a very interesting mixture of both new and old headstones, dating back to the early 1900’s.  It was remarkable to read them all and imagine what these people’s lives were like and how they might have ended.

I have often taken inspiration from the names on gravestones.  Last year I attended a funeral, during which I stumbled across the name that would inspire Life, Death and Frank.  The name haunted me; I felt like I needed to do something with it.  It rolled around in my head for a couple months, until I attended another funeral.  As I gazed across the cemetery during the services, I realized I could solve the mystery of what happened to this unknown person by writing his story myself.  My novella was born!

My trip this evening has not only given me a great cover shot, but also the last name for the main character in the new book I am working on.  As I came home with half the cemetery on the bottom of my feet (flip flops were not a good idea), I couldn’t wait to sit down and let the creativity flow.  Look for Life, Death and Frank coming soon!


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