Canning Season!

It’s difficult to believe that we are reaping such a harvest from our garden already, but there it is.  Several pounds of green beans, more onions than I can imagine what to do with, and peppers so numerous they nearly weigh the poor plants down.  So I spent a good portion of my weekend washing, blanching, boiling, and sending my son out with numerous bowls of compost to dump.

The first canning project was the absolute most important one:  dilly beans.  If you haven’t had them, you are seriously missing out on one of the best taste experiences ever.  Basically, they’re pickled green beans.  If you decide to make them (versus buying them for upwards of $7 a jar at the grocery store), do yourself a favor and don’t use the cheater mixes from the grocery store.  They’re too sweet and are actually harder to make.

Two hours and lots of sweat later, I had four pints of dilly beans in a stately row on a bath towel on the counter.  I admired them, wishing I could make another batch, and thinking about how much my feet hurt from standing in the kitchen.  Then I decided it was time to make relish…

A good start to canning this year.

A good start to canning this year.


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