Seriously, I’m Always This Pale

“Are you sick?  Cause you look pale.”

Oh, how many times I’ve heard this.  It was much more prevalent in school, when kids have no problems pointing out what they perceive to be someone’s flaws.  But even as an adult, in “professional” work environments, I’ve had full-grown adults comment about the color of my skin and tell me I need to get in the tanning bed.  I understand that tanning has certainly had its hey-day of popularity, and a long one at that, but I’ve never been one to follow the trend.

Here we are at the end of summer, when everyone takes their beach-burnished bodies back to work and brags about their vacations.  I, meanwhile, am looking forward to winter when I’m on slightly more even ground skin tone-wise.

Yes, I’m pale.  I’m aware of it.

No, I’m not sick.

Yes, you can see my veins, but people in the medical field certainly appreciate it.

No, that’s not a white shirt under my cable knit sweater.  That’s my skin.

Yes, natural lighting is about as intense as it needs to get.


Yes, my skin looks the same in color as it does in black and white.


And even though there are a lot of really snappy things I could say to people who criticize my color, I usually just smile and say thank you. 🙂




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14 responses to “Seriously, I’m Always This Pale

  1. Hey Ashley. You’re beautiful ! Don’t listen to any criticism ! 😀

  2. They should say a compliment like, “Your skin is like alabaster,” or “You have such beautiful porcelain skin.” You are blessed, Ashley! I enjoyed your story about the blanket binky, too! My son liked the silk edges on his blanky so much, that it became kind of a challenge for me, I had to literally sew it back onto the darn blanket! Smiles, Robin

  3. OMG finally I know someone with my skin colour!

  4. OMG finally i know someone with my same skin colour!

  5. Sebastian Simion

    Judging by the pictures, it seems to me that you’re beautiful. Do not assume people who criticize your complexion act in good faith. 99% of the times, they are just envious because they, themselves, would like to have your color. That’s all it is, envy. Women from places such as Latin America or India would kill to have your color. As someone who values honesty, justice and beauty, I felt obliged to set the record straight on this subject 😉

  6. orion

    Ive always found pale skin white women absolutely beautiful and exotic, and im a black man. Be proud of the skin you are in, Your beautiful!

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