Tarot Tuesday: Pick Your Card!

We’ve made it through the drudgery of Monday, so it’s time to see what the rest of the week holds! This week’s draw is from the Animal Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. I love all the beautiful animals in this deck and the way that everything is connected to nature. If you’re interested in a personal reading, please see the bottom of this post.

Study the picture below. If you have a question or situation you’re concerned about, hold that in the front of your mind as you choose your card. You can also simply pick the one that calls to you. When you’re ready, scroll down to find the meaning of your card.











#1 – Four of Spring: This card is all about happiness and home. It represents joy and satisfaction that may come from having a happy relationship or having completed a task. There’s a potential for an addition to your home life, which could be a marriage, a birth, or a new home.

#2 – Life Experience: Important changes are coming! These might be changes you’ve been contemplating, or they may be a complete surprise. The cuckoo is known for being a graceful bird who heralds the coming of change, and it’s reminding you to embrace that change. Note the butterflies in the image who look like they’re taking an annual migration. This shows that even the biggest changes are sometimes exactly what we need!

#3 – Six of Winter: Challenging times are over, and brighter days are ahead! Though it may be hard, it’s time to let the past go and breathe a sigh of relief. This card could also signify travel or relocation. The Rescue Cat is the card that I chose this round, and it’s one of my absolute favorites in this deck! The message is obviously a pleasant one, but I also really like that it so closely represents my own rescue cat, Nermal!

Which card did you pick? What did it mean for you? I’d love to know, so feel free to leave a comment.

Interested in a tarot reading?

You’ll receive a photo of the actual cards drawn and a thorough explanation of their meaning. The readings are done through email, so please ensure a valid email address is included with your payment! This is for a generalized reading. If you have a specific question or needs, please feel free to email me at ashley@ashleyomelia.com or come visit me on eBay (see link below) and we can arrange it easily. Thank you!


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  1. Louise Brady, Author

    Those are really cute cards 🙂 I picked three, which hopefully means the challenging times at my partner’s workplace are over!

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