Thursday Things: What Makes You DNF a Book?

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I have to be honest: It’s really hard for me to not finish a book. I feel a rather heavy obligation to go right on to the very end. There have been a few that I DNF’d (Did Not Finish).

One was so poorly written that I couldn’t get through the first page. Sentence structure, grammar, you name it. It was just bad. I hate to say that, and I’m certainly not bothered by a typo here or there, but we all have our limits.

Another one, a few years ago, had some events happening in it that related far too closely to some bad events that were currently happening in my life at the time. I chucked it across the room, cried for a bit, and then got a different book to read. That was pure circumstance, and I don’t blame the author.

Most recently, I read a collection of short stories that I just couldn’t get into. It was by a well-known author, and there were a few good stories in there, but it just didn’t keep me wanting to read more. It stalled me out on reading for a while, actually, and when I hadn’t read anything for over a week I realized it was time to stop.

What makes you decide not to finish a book? Let me know in the comments!

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3 responses to “Thursday Things: What Makes You DNF a Book?

  1. Joe Hallett

    The last thing I read fits into the “did not WANT to finish” category.
    From the first chapter, I knew I was in for a long ride. It was the 2nd book in the series, and I really enjoyed the first book. There was some fun, snarky and sarcastic comedy that fit well with the characters in the first, but the second book was dialed up to 20. near-constant “witty banter” that was over the top. The only thing I felt was relief when I finished.

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