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Christmas Movie Time! Starting the Season with Love Hard on Netflix

Christmas movies are one of my favorite things about the season, but it’s always hard to decide where to start. An old classic, or something new? And with as many terrible Christmas movies as there are out there, it’s always a risk to grab a new title.

Love Hard poster.jpg

But I went ahead and chose Love Hard on Netflix. A story about dating apps and catfishing doesn’t sound very holiday-ish. Neither does the MA rating! I’m not always keen on modern movies in this genre, but Love Hard didn’t disappoint! A fun story, truly great characters, character arcs that occur in side characters as well as the two mains, and references to other great Christmas movies made this an absolute hit for me. Throw in some laughing, crying, and laughing-and-crying, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding this onto the list of movies I watch every year.

What Christmas movies are you watching? I’d love to know!


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