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Why I Love Miley Cyrus (or maybe I’m just jealous…)

When my oldest daughter was little, we watched a lot of Hannah Montana.  A lot.  And at that time I never would have imagined that the sweet little country girl I was watching on TV would “grow up” to become such a child-star-gone-wrong icon.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the VMA’s or New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, everyone is tuning in to see what crazy stunt Miley will be pulling off next.  And she doesn’t even do it in a semi-art fashion like Lady Gaga does, she just throws it out there like everyone has dancing teddy bears and dirty foam fingers laying around in their living room, and isn’t that how everyone uses them?  I recently saw an article on Yahoo that detailed the outrage over Miley dying her eyebrows.  Really?  We don’t have better things to do with our time than worry about the color of someone’s eyebrows?

So, yeah, I spent a little time feeling ranty about her turning into this, this monster of stardom that she has become.  Then something magical happened.  I was in my car, driving back to the office from a lunch break when “We Can’t Stop” came on the radio.  I almost changed the station.  I’ve heard the song plenty of times before, and even though I simply can’t stand the lifestyle she is advocating, it’s a catchy song.  So I left it on that station, and realized that Miley Cyrus (or whoever it is that tells her what to do) is a freaking genius.

Go ahead and reread that if you want to make sure that’s right, cause I promise you that it is.

Here’s the thing:  The majority of people, when they officially become “adults” (a term to be used loosely until they are at least pushing thirty) go a little apeshit.  They drink too much, party too hard, and do really stupid things.  They might be at a pivotal point in their lives (going to college, perhaps?), and yet they carry on with a blatant disregard for what someone might think of them.  That, right there, is what Miley is doing, except the kicker is that she gets paid for it. 

Let that sink in for a moment.  She gets to act like an idiot, do stupid stuff that will make various countdowns for years to come, and she is raking in a fortune.

Genius, folks.  Simple genius.


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