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Websites All Writers Should Check Out

We all love to waste time on the internet, right?  Here are a few websites I’ve found helpful when I’m in the process of writing.

Idioms.thefreedictionary.com – For a little bit of fun, go play with some idioms!  This site is great for titles, especially of cozy mysteries.

Mithrilandmages.com – This site has name generators for characters, places, and settings even if you aren’t writing fantasy.  

Wordthink.com – improve your vocabulary.  Challenge yourself to use the word of the day in your writing (but don’t do it if it will compromise the quality of the piece).

Wincalendar.com  – This is a great source of templates!  I most often use the monthly calendars to keep track of my social media scheduling, but it’s also helpful for freelance work deadlines and tracking your word count per day.

TED – Like a more sophisticated YouTube, there is nothing more inspiring!  Explore videos on numerous topics, including art, science, society, and everything in between.  I had an online college class that required watching TED videos, and I never minded doing my homework!

Thesaurus.com – There are experts who say you shouldn’t use a thesaurus, but I say they’re wrong.  It’s incredibly annoying to see the same word used over and over again, and that’s difficult to avoid depending on your subject matter.  You might also find a word that’s more suitable for your piece.

Sometimes it’s okay to waste a little time on the internet, especially when it’s inspiring or helpful!  What websites help you?  Let me know in the comments!

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Ashley O’Melia is an independent author and freelancer from Southern Illinois.  She holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University.  Her books include The Wanderer’s Guide to Dragon Keeping and The Graveside DetectiveHer short stories have been published in The Penmen Review, Paradox, and Subcutaneous.  Ashley’s freelance work has spanned numerous genres for clients around the world.  You can find her on Facebook and Amazon.

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