My Veteran

I know several veterans, but the one that I’m thinking about most today is my grandpa.  Grandpa spent his life with the Air Force, so growing up I heard lots of stories about the places that they traveled to and the things that happened there.

My favorite story is this:  Grandpa was in the mess hall overseas when the bombing started.  All around him, soldiers abandoned their food and dove under the table.  Grandpa calmly told his fellows that they might as well get up and enjoy their meal.

This little tidbit might not seem like much, but it explains my grandpa in a nutshell.  I never saw him get mad or agitated.  He was always calm and quiet.  After a battle with Parkinson’s, he passed away last fall.  I think about him a lot, but I’d like to dedicate my Veteran’s Day to him.


This picture was taken just before he presented my grandma with the flag.


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