The Real Cereal Killer

Time is such a precious commodity these days. And it’s no wonder considering all that society expects us to do. We must work outside the home, raise a family, and take care of the house and car. Be sure to enroll your kids in lots of extracurricular activities so you feel like you are actually a good parent. Keep up with all social media, popular TV shows, and world events.  Eat right and exercise!

Sure, we’d like to keep up with it all. But everything is so complicated these days. To give you an example, just think about everything involved in a box of cereal:

Step 1: Purchase the cereal. It doesn’t sound complicated, unless you have a coupon.
Step 2: Clip the Box Top.
Step 3: Clip the Bonus Box Tops.
Step 4: Notice that there is an offer for a free book, so go to the cereal manufacturer’s website.
Step 5: Set up an account on the cereal manufacturer’s website.
Step 6: Enter codes.
Step 7: Try to figure out why the codes aren’t accepted.
Step 8: Listen to your kids argue over which book to get.
Step 9: Start accumulating cereal boxes in the corner of your kitchen, because you would really like to order the free books again but just really can’t find the time.

Somewhere in the midst of all that, you’re supposed to eat the cereal, too. But who has time for that?



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