Bookshelf Cleanout!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I have too many books.  I know, I know.  There’s no such thing, right?  But after several library book sales, the closing down of our local used book store during which I got almost a trunk full of free books, and a few too many episodes of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I’ve decided I need to start clearing some space on my shelves.

Now, that’s not to say I’ll be getting rid of everything.  If you live in a house without books, are you really living at all?  And anyway, some books are just too special to ever part with.  I have a lovely wall shelf my husband built that I’d like to dedicate only to my signed copies and the books that were true lifechangers.  I hope it’s big enough.

Okay, well my problem isn’t this bad…yet.
Image by Eli Digital Creative from Pixabay

The problem is that most of the books I need to (or could possibly, maybe) get rid of are ones I haven’t read yet!  I can’t just pack them all up without at least giving them a shot, right?

So pretty soon you should start seeing a fresh flood of book reviews from me as I go through the shelf of random paperbacks in the dining room, the shelf of hardbacks that don’t fit anywhere else in the living room, the shelf of freebie fantasies from that store closing I mentioned, and the second shelf from that book store closing I mentioned…Oh, and there is a box (or two, or three) in the attic.


Wish me luck!

* * *

Ashley O’Melia is an independent author and freelancer from Southern Illinois.  She holds her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and English from Southern New Hampshire University.  Her books include The Wanderer’s Guide to Dragon Keeping and The Graveside DetectiveHer short stories have been published in The Penmen Review, Paradox, and Subcutaneous.  Ashley’s freelance work has spanned numerous genres for clients around the world.  You can find her on Facebook and Amazon.





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19 responses to “Bookshelf Cleanout!

  1. When I downsized I had no choice but to dispose of my beloved books, but to be honest while I hung on to them, I didn’t read one of them twice

    • I have to admit there are very few books I’ve actually read twice! I’d like to go back and reread several, but it’s hard when there are so many I haven’t read yet!

  2. I’m tragic, I’ve never disposed of any of my books except the ones I have greatly disliked. I will follow your progress and be inspired!

  3. I usually send my books to my sis but she does the same to me and in the end I don’t have any less books, hahaha!! I think I will need to do same as you soon. Good luck!! 😀

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